Services Offered

Quality Control & Assurance Services

Relax, if you’re local we’ll come to you and swab or gather samples of what you need tested. Don’t stress about packaging and mailing your samples!

All services adhere to the American Society of Brewing Chemists methods.

Service Price
Infection Investigation & Analysis $50/hr & $15/test
Complete Microbiological Analysis

  • Identifies contaminats by testing for Wild Yeast, Mold, Acetic Acid Bacteria, Enteric Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria
  • Includes Catalase & Oxidase Testing
  • Includes Gram Stain & Microscopic Examination
Wild Yeast, Acetic Acid Bacteria, Enteric Bacteria, Lactic Acid Bacteria or Mold Contaminant Analysis* $25 each test
Wild Yeast Analysis (Is it Saccharomyces or Non-Saccharomyces?) $40
Gram Staining & Microscopic Examination $35
Add Photomicrograph $10
Water Supply Contamination Analysis $25

*We can help you determine which test suits you best, contact us for more info!

We offer discounts for multiple testing and repeat testing, contact us for pricing today!

Yeast Management Services

Service Price
Cell counting, viability
& pitch rate calculations*
Yeast Vitality Testing $30
Brewery yeast management skills class* Call for pricing
On slants (4oC) $30/year
In glycerol (-20oC) $40/year

*We travel to your brewery with our equipment and perform these services on site!

We offer discounts for repeat customers, contact us today for details!