Yeast Management, QC & QA Products

Would you like to give yeast culturing a shot or perform your QC/QA tests in house? Check out our products listed below! Instructions for use can be found here.


Nutrient Agar Slant: used for storage of purified yeast strains

Nutrient Agar Plate: used for the culturing of yeast and bacteria

UBA (Universal Beer Agar): a better media for culturing organisms adapted to a brewery environment, used for yeast and bacteria

UBA w/cycloheximide: the addition of cycloheximide inhibits yeast & mold growth, allowing other organisms to grow

MacConkey Agar: inhibits the growth of Gram-positive bacteria and selects for Gram-negative bacteria such as E. Coli

WLD (Wallerstein Differential Media): contains a bromocresol green indicator and in the presence of acid-secreting bacteria will lighten in color from blue to yellow or light green

LWYM (Lin’s Wild Yeast Medium): detection of primarily saccharomyces wild yeast

LCSM (Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Media): detection of primarily non-saccharomyces wild yeast

SDA (Schwartz Differential Agar): contains calcium carbonate which helps detect acid-producing bacteria, bromocresol green to differentiate colony characteristics by color, and cycloheximide to inhibit yeast and mold growth

HLP (Hsu’s Lactobacillus-Pediococcus Medium): used for the selective detection of Lactic acid (Lactobacillus & Pediococcus) bacteria


Sterile Plate Spreader

Sterile Swabs

Innoculation Loop

Alcohol Lamp


  1. Contact us for pricing, we can help you determine what you need. 10% discounts for bulk orders!
  2. Most plates are made when order is placed to ensure the highest quality possible.
  3. All plates are 100 mm in diameter & additional information can be found on the Culturing Instructions page.
  4. Wholesale pricing available to homebrew supply shops, contact us for details.