Our Mission

Recently, craft brewing has exploded in this country. There is a high demand for more flavor, more interesting beers, and more personality in the beers we are drinking. So, what else do craft beer enthusiasts demand besides great flavor? QUALITY & CONSISTENCY.

Yeast Management, Quality Control & Quality Assurance can be hard for a brewery to maintain either from not having the space to set up a laboratory, the time to perform laboratory testing, or the capitol to hire a full time microbiologist.

That’s why we are here…

Double Helix Brewing Consulting offers a wide variety of Yeast Management, Quality Control & Quality Assurance services to aid in the success of your craft brewery. These services come at a cost that is far less than hiring a full or even part time microbiologist and the best part is we come to you! We are dedicated to providing quality services, developing personal relationships with breweries and ensuring our customers come first.